Cubital Tunnel/Ulnar Nerve Entrapment Treatment in Illinois and Kentucky

Cartilage Repair | Cubital Tunnel Treatment | Herrin, IL | Carbondale, IL | Harrisburg, IL | Paducah, KYSimilar to carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome causes pain and numbness as a result of long-term nerve inflammation. In cubital tunnel syndrome, the ulnar nerve is affected at the site of the cubital tunnel, located in the elbow. Inflammation may occur as a result of frequent bending of the elbow or simply from the natural anatomy of the elbow joint.

Patients with this condition often experience pain and numbness on the outside of the hand and wrist, especially after the elbow has been bent for a long period of time. Your doctor can diagnose this condition through a physical exam and nerve conduction velocity test.

Treatment for cubital tunnel syndrome may involve anti-inflammatory medication, splints, braces or life changes to relieve symptoms or prevent them from recurring. For symptoms that do not respond to conservative methods, surgery may be needed to relieve pressure on the ulnar nerve, which can be done through ulnar nerve transposition or medial epicondylectomy. Most patients are able to receive successful relief from cubital tunnel syndrome.

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