Elbow Arthroscopy Surgery in Illinois and Kentucky

What is Elbow Arthroscopy Surgery?

Arthroscopy is a type of surgery that uses anarthroscope (thin fiber optic camera) to visualize the area to be operated on, as well as multiple small portals through which the surgeon’s tools are manipulated. This procedure offers patients a relatively shorter recovery time as opposed to conventional “open” surgery. Much less soft tissue is injured during the operation, leaving less room for post-surgery complications.

What is Elbow Arthroscopy Surgery Used For?

Elbow arthroscopy is generally used for simple manipulations of the joint. It is also very useful for arthritis as tools capable of debriding can be inserted and used to smooth out the problematic bone surfaces in a minimally invasive manner.

The arthroscopic procedures are commonly used to confirm and examine abnormalities occurring in patients. This diagnostic use is helpful in ensuring that the patient will be recovering in the shortest amount of time possible. However, arthroscopy is not nearly as prevalent in elbow surgery as it is in other joint specialties such as the knee. This is because the small structure of the joint requires very specialized training.

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