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The Orthopaedic Institute of Southern Illinois is proud to announce the opening of the Spine Center of Excellence – Southern Illinois’ only comprehensive treatment facility focusing exclusively on spinal diseases.  Under the direction of Dr. Kevin Koth and Dr. Jeffery Jones, the new Center allows for an efficient and timely evaluation of patients suffering from spinal disease in the surrounding area, allowing treatment to begin as soon as possible.  If non-operative treatments are not successful and surgery becomes necessary, Drs. Jones and Koth are available immediately to discuss the newest minimally invasive surgical procedures that are now possible here in Southern Illinois.  Dr. Koth and Dr. Jones emphasize non-operative treatment whenever possible to alleviate pain and increase overall function, whether it means getting you back to work or simply returning to leisure activities.  Patients no longer have to drive 2-3 hours to receive spine care.  Drs. Jones and Koth have brought the same level of spine care to the area that was once only available at major academic centers.  Call today for an appointment.  No referral required.  618-997-6800

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