5 Ways to Keep Calm During an MRI

Thursday, November 12th, 2020, 9:44 pm
MRI scans are among the safest medical procedures available yet some patients dread the experience. Here are our top tips for how to stay calm and get your scan.

MRI scanners are complex machines capable of looking deep within human tissue to diagnose all sorts of medical conditions. But to do so, patients need to remain still inside a confined space, sometimes for long periods of time.

Our imaging teams know that it can be hard to face an MRI, especially if you’re claustrophobic, afraid of the loud noises, hate staying still, or are anxious about the results. So we asked them for their top tips to get through an MRI.

1. Talk to your technician

MRI is a loud scan. But the lines of communication are always open between you and the technician operating the machine. You’ll be given a set of headphones via which you can talk and listen to each other. The technician will tell you what’s happening and answer your questions, but to stay calm sometimes the conversation needs to go a little deeper.

Use the quieter moments between scanning sequences to brag about your children’s exam results or where you’re going on holiday next month. If you can’t think of anything, talk about the weather or your favorite TV show – anything to take your mind off the scan. If you’d rather not talk, ask the technician to play music through the headphones for you.

2. Choose your tunes

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