Things to Do While You Recover from Surgery

Friday, September 12th, 2014, 8:59 pm

You’ve been to the Orthopaedic Institute and scheduled a surgery.  Now what?

If you aren’t already planning how to maximize your recovery time or how to keep yourself entertained while immobile you may want to consider adding that to your list.

Preparing for after surgery is just as important as preparing for surgery. We sometimes overlook recovery time and find we get bored and even depressed.   Staying positive and making the most of your recovery time is challenging but by planning ahead it can be easier. Below is a list of things to get your mind flowing.

  1. Plan meals for the month.  Find healthy recipes.
  2. Use YouTube or Google as a learning tool – learn how to maximize software or tools like Microsoft Excel!  I taught myself how to crochet.
  3. Write actual letters to your family/friends and tell them how much you love and appreciate them.  Who doesn’t like to hear athat?
  4. Learn a new craft or hobby.  Again, YouTube is a great source.
  5. Learn to use Skype to keep in touch with family or friends that live out of state.
  6. Update your Christmas or birthday card list.
  7. Discover new music from the Internet: Fill up your iPod from iTunes, or join Spotify and Pandora to discover thousands of new tunes.
  8. Sharpen your thinking skills with online games from You can sign up for the free version to see if you like it.
  9. Read a great classic: To Kill a Mocking Bird, A Catcher in the Rye, The Grapes of Wrath, The Old Man and the Sea, The Great Gatsby, The Call of the Wild, or War and Peace. Invest in a tablet reader such as a Nook, an eReader, or a Kindle to have instant access to almost any book in the world. If you have a smart phone or tablet, download the Kindle or iBooks app. Be sure to check for free or discounted ebooks.
  10. Listen to books on CD or your iPod. Sometimes it’s easier to listen to a book than to read.
  11. Ask your kids to read to you.
  12. Play classic board games with your kids like Monopoly, Chess, Scrabble or Uno.
  13. Subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Videos, or Hulu to watch a season of a TV series that you had always wanted to see. Game of Thrones is an R-rated epic, Breaking Bad is intense and addicting, Chicago Fire is a drama with a fierce following. Or watch an older series, like 24, Cheers or The Dick Van Dyke Show.
  14. Do crossword puzzles. Or try a numbers version of crosswords like Sudoku or kakuro puzzles. You can find free kakuro puzzles at and free Sodoku puzzles at Livewire Puzzles.

    Emotional care

  15. Sit out on your deck or porch for a while each day and get some fresh air and sunshine. The Vitamin D from the sun will help get your endorphins flowing.
  16. Start a blog: an online diary that allows you to chronicle your recovery and automatically notifies your network of friends and family each time you update it. offers free blog sites.
  17. E-mail a loved one who is having difficulty.  Reach out!
  18. Connect with an old friend with whom you’ve lost touch. Try sending a card or letter to him or her via old fashioned mail. Or find your friend on Facebook and reconnect.
  19. Learn to meditate and practice, practice, practice. Meditation is great for reducing stress and producing an overall feeling of calm and well-being, all of which contributes to healing.
  20. Start to plan your rehabilitation.




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