OISC Surgery Center - Metropolis, IL

Mission Statement

“To improve the quality of life through premier orthopedic care.”

Vision Statement

“OISC will be the regionally dominant, patient choice, state-of-the-art outpatient musculoskeletal center, offering a comprehensive continuum of services.  We will care for the orthopedic well-being of patients in a clinically excellent and service oriented manner.”

Ambulatory Surgery Center

Our highly skilled staff members will care for you with compassion and respect, providing state-of-the-art treatment in a convenient and comfortable environment.  The Othopaedic Institute Surgery Center is equipped with advanced medical equipment in order to offer outpatient orthopedic surgery in an environment of quality, safety, and patient comfort.

Contact us:    618.309.6000


Please click on the OISC Brochure to review important information regarding your upcoming surgery and the Patient’s Bill of Rights.

Please review the Surgery Instructions in order to better prepare yourself for your upcoming surgery.

Please bring all of your medications to the facility either on the day of your preoperative interview or on the day of your surgery.

Please review the Authorization for Surgery.  It will be completed either during your preoperative interview or on the day of surgery.


Your surgery experience at OISC may consist of a preoperative interview with a member of the anesthesia department prior to your surgery.  Our goal at OISC is to meet with all of our patients prior to surgery in order to evaluate your health history and determine the appropriate type of anesthesia required.  The necessary labs or the need for a chest x-ray or EKG will be determined at this time.  The diagnostic testing may be performed at OISC or at one of the local hospitals if more convenient for you.  We perform chest x-rays, EKGs and draw blood for laboratory testing at the Center.  These diagnostic tests will be performed on the day of your preoperative interview if ordered by the surgeon or the anesthesiologist.

Please review the Anesthesia Consent Form.  It will be completed either during your preoperative interview or on the day of surgery.


Prior to surgery, Orthopaedic Institute Surgery Center staff will verify your eligibility and benefits with your insurance and determine your balance due at the time of service.  You are responsible for your co-pay, and/or estimated portion of your deductible, and/or co-insurance at time of service. For your convenience, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American
Express and Discover. If you have any questions regarding your coverage, contact your insurance company.  If you do not have insurance or have further questions, please contact our Front Office Manager at the number above.  Please read the Payments and Financial Information for additional information.

Call 618-997-6800 for our Herin location, 618-457-0325 for our Carbondale location, 618-997-6800 for our Harrisburg location, or 270-442-9461 for our Paducah location to schedule a consultation today!.

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