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The Orthopaedic Institute of Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky offers WORK COMP CARE, a worker’s compensation program.  Our system combines commitment to timely access, communication and cost effective quality care.

The physicians and staff at Orthopaedic Institute are leaders in providing injured employees with early diagnosis, effective and timely treatment, thorough communication and prompt return to work.

Our 20 Physicians, Physician Assistants and medical staff have experience and expertise in treating the full spectrum of Orthopaedics and Podiatry, including general orthopedic injuries, orthopedic trauma injuries, hand, wrist and elbow injuries, shoulder injuries, hip and knee injuries, foot and ankle injuries and total joint replacements.  We also treat spine injuries, from conservative treatment to surgical intervention.  We are proud our office has physicians who have fellowship trained in subspecialty areas such as total joint replacement and reconstructions, foot, ankle and hand.


Our practice recognizes the injured employee as a “specialty.”  We take pride in offering the full spectrum of care and services, from initial evaluation and treatment to “state of the art” diagnostic tools, including ultrasound, digital x-rays and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI.)   Both of our facilities have 1.5 Tesla Magnet Imaging, which offers the highest quality imaging to assist with prompt accurate diagnosis and treatment.  This ensures your receive the best quality imaging the first time.  Emergency or “same day” MRI’s are available if needed.

Our physicians and staff are concerned about your total medical experience from beginning to end of treatment.  That is why our Southern Illinois office has a state of the art outpatient surgery center, which is AAAHC accredited. This allows our patients to be scheduled for surgery and procedures as quickly as possible, avoiding delays in surgery due to unavailability of “surgery time” in the operating rooms, while at the same time, saving additional pricey hospital charges and fees.

Our western Kentucky Location offers an Urgent Care Clinic, staffed by Brad Hutchins, certified physician’s assistant, who is backed by board certified orthopedic surgeons. Mr. Hutchins has years of experience in occupational medicine in the worker’s compensation arena and is well regarded in the area. Our walk-in clinic offers treatment for all orthopaedic, non life-threatening conditions, cast and wound dressing problems and laceration and wound treatment.  We offer immediate access to orthopaedic care, on site x-ray, MRI and therapies, while at the same time, providing you with the benefit of avoiding long wait times and emergency room expenses.

In regards to therapy, we offer a reputable rehabilitation department that provides therapy services including: physical and occupational services, (including a certified hand therapist in our southern Illinois office,) aquatic therapy, sports medicine, work conditioning, work hardening, functional capacity evaluations, permanent partial impairment ratings, and pain alleviating techniques that will improve the injured worker’s level of function and mobility, while preventing or avoiding permanent physical disabilities and returning the patient to activities of daily living and work.

Our therapy staff is knowledgeable of needs and requirements necessary for our worker’s compensation patients.  We feel the employee’s job description is a vital piece in implementing the patient’s rehabilitation goals.  We believe in an interdisciplinary approach in communication.  We have the opportunity to communicate with physicians on an immediate basis to keep them up to date on the patient’s status and progression towards their rehabilitation goals.

We have a Worker’s Compensation Department including Amy Finney, RN, Certified Case Manager and staff who keep abreast of requirements and changes in the Worker’s Compensation law.

Utilization Review and Occupational Disability Guidelines have become an integral part of the treatment process and understanding these guidelines makes the progression of the injured worker’s treatment move smoothly toward improvement, return to employment and release from medical care.

The importance of getting the injured employee evaluated as soon as possible is imperative.  That is why we offer “same day” or “next day” evaluation appointments at both of our locations.  We obtain the necessary approvals needed to expedite the appropriate treatment and get the patient started on their road to recovery and Maximum Medical Improvement.

Our facilities are pleased to be able to provide our Worker’s Compensation patients prescribed medications on the day of their visit, if necessary.  This provides ease of access and that their treatment program begins as soon as possible.

Our Worker’s Compensation Department takes pride in keeping the lines of communication open for all parties.  This ensures we are working as a team to help the patient, employer, worker’s compensation adjuster, case manager and ancillary providers meet their expectations and help the injured worker return back to everyday life and work as quickly and safely as possible.  We have dedicated phone lines specifically for our Worker’s Compensation Department.  Our department is available to answer questions in regards to medical care, worker’s compensation process or specific inquiries.  We are available via telephone, e-mail, fax or in person.

We have a stringent protocol for documentation in our department. We understand how important it is for all parties to receive the necessary information in a timely and accurate fashion. Return to work status slips are provided to the patient on the day of the examination.  Our office faxes the work status slip within 24 hours to the necessary parties.  All medical dictation and office notes are faxed out within 24-28 hours from the date of service.  We are dedicated to making sure that all parties have up to date medical and work capabilities as quickly as possible.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your Worker’s Compensation needs.

Our Southern Illinois office number: 618.993.7897  Fax: 618.997.5815


Our Western Kentucky office number: 270.450.7234  Fax:  270.450.7233


Call 618-997-6800 for our Herin location, 618-457-0325 for our Carbondale location, 618-997-6800 for our Harrisburg location, or 270-442-9461 for our Paducah location to schedule a consultation today!.

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